Stoic beginnings

I first encountered the philosophy of stoicism a few years back when reading Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is The Way. I didn’t think much of it, until I discovered Captain Sinbad’s YouTube channel in late 2019. He shared openly about stoicism and it piqued my interest greatly.

A couple YouTube videos and Reddit posts later, I was sold. Well, I wasn’t quite ready to declare myself a stoic yet but, I was surprised at how many stoic principles and teachings were in line with Christian teachings. And I am convinced some of its teachings are in line with my personal goals as well on leading a good life.

With that, I decided that the next step to better understand stoicism is to read its literature. I bought a book, The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday, which I should have guessed by the title, was a daily stoic devotional. And Amber, to my very pleasant surprise, bought me two more — The Emperor’s Handbook, a modern translation of Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius, and Letters from a Stoic, by Seneca.

And so begins my deep dive into the rabbit hole that is Stoicism. I’m excited to see where this takes me.